Jesus: My Savior and Friend DVD 1 and 2 - only 2 left in stock

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Demonstration DVD Set, DVD 1


Jesus My Savior and Friend Bible Lesson Demos

Lesson 1: Jesus Forgives the Sin of a Paralyzed Man

Lesson 2: Jesus Cares for His Disciples in a Storm

Lesson 3: Jesus Meets a Samaritan Woman

Lesson 4: Jesus Heals the Centurion's Servant

Lesson 5: Jesus Answers a Lawyer's Question

Hudson Taylor Missionary Story Demos

Chapter 1: The Boy's Desire

Chapter 2: The Young Man's Faith

Chapter 3: The Young Missionary's Journey

Chapter 4: The Missionary's Reward

Chapter 5: The Missionary's Faith Proved

This lesson is replaced by the Turned Around Series